What would become the School House Champions 5K was inspired by a similar run attended in April 2013 by Selena Stevens, then the parent of a Scott County, Kentucky, elementary school student. That run — the Sandersville Elementary School Sharks on the Run 5K in nearby Fayette County — annually supports its school’s focus on wellness, is a fundraiser for the school’s PTA and is part of a countywide multi-run event.

“It was amazing and inspiring to see these students and their families running together and having fun,” Stevens said. “I wanted to bring that to Scott County and take it a step forward by somehow using the event to showcase our school.”

In August 2013, Scott County opened a new elementary school that Stevens’ third-grader would attend. The run took on a new meaning — building identity and community for the new Lemons Mill Elementary School. The idea was pitched to then LMES Principal Lori Beth Mays, who was excited about the idea and encouraged our newly formed PTA to lead the run and engage other schools in our county in a multi-school event. Stevens, as a LMES parent and LMES PTA officer, reached out to local schools, and Anne Mason Elementary School and Royal Spring Middle School partnered with LMES to form School House Champions 5K. All three schools returned for the 2015 run and were joined by Northern Elementary School in 2016 and 2017. For 2018, five more schools joined in — Eastern Elementary, Georgetown Middle, Western Elementary, St. John School and Providence Christian Academy. Today, School House Champions 5K includes and benefits every Scott County Schools school, as well as Providence Christian Academy and St. John School.

With School House Champions, we want to get students excited about being active, we want families to be healthy and active together, and we want everyone to share in the joy of giving back to our community. In the end, everyone’s healthier, happier and smarter!

More than 400 people registered for the 2014 inaugural run. Each year, we have added more schools and more runners. Last year, 791 people registered!

The 2022 run will be held on Saturday, April 23, on in downtown Georgetown, Ky. Registration will open at 4 p.m., and the race will start at 5:30 p.m. Proceeds from the race will be used by the participating school organizations to support their schools, in everything from playground enhancements to choir sets. We invite all students and families, as well as area runners, joggers and walkers, to come join us. Support our schools and be outstanding role models for physical fitness! Be a School House Champion!